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Rainbow Light

Just a month ago I was on the Big Island of Hawaii participating in a yoga retreat called Pono.

Four days into the retreat in the night there was a huge thunder and lightning storm.

I have never seen such a storm of clearing and releasing of the energy of Light in my life.

The next morning as the skies cleared I took this picture to honor the skies and what is amazing it that these lights and orbs were just waiting to be seen. A few days later, there were six of us in the Rainbow room at Kalani doing healing work on one another. In an instant it felt like we were all transported to Mu, where we loved and honored each other in the light of love. Two of those beautiful healers are in Hawaii now holding the light of love in their hearts and with their families. I see how much it really does matter what we do in our

hearts and when we share the Aloha, it really does change things.

Blessed Be and Love to the Island of Hawaii and all that is coming forth from this great cleanse and healing.

Pono is the great restorer of order and balance. Aloha nui loa

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