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Meditations, Poems, Channeled Writings and Original Art
I AM the loving embrace of the Goddess
I AM the gentle caress of the Mother
I AM the deep ocean of Bliss


Stars of Beauty

Shining Bright

Come from Heaven

Made of Light


Dancing on Our Brows

Reminders of Above

Showering Star Gifts

To Earth


Sacred Spirals

Blessings and Curves

Opening - Allowing

Our Spirits to Birth

Meditation on the Liquid Light 
Allowing Love's Light
One Love Now


Breathe in and ground into your feet.
Begin to allow a frequency of Light

from your Soul Star,

that which is connected to the All that Is.

Breathe this into the crown chakra,

looking much like a crown of jewelsor pearls,

and the circlet of light that you ARE.

Breathe the light into the brain,

and see the dolphins opening up the fluids
to swim into pineal and corpus collosum,

and to wash away old doubts, fears,

and the illusion of separation.

Breathe now Silver light from the dolphins,

your Sirian brothers and sisters 
through the throat and swirling around the heart in liquid light.

Let this silver energy swirl and settle in the back
of your heart. Feel the support of the Universe.

Let that energy now open and expand into the third chakra,

noticing if it has changed colours or vibration.

Let the energy open to the light

of your own soul star frequency and colour.

You then align your energy vibration with allof your hopes,

dreams and desires.

Let it get really big and experience the expansion

of your joy manifesting in the will chakra.

Allow that expansion to swirl and dance

in the watery second chakra.

Again allowing it to swirl
and to settle the ripples of silver light. 

Bring that energy via symbol or colour or sound into the root.
As the light becomes more and more liquid,

then let it flow into the Mother

sending your expanded Light Body into the heart of the Mother 
engaging her light body as well.

~Blessed Be~

from Isis

Channeled by Marie Rose

Marie Rose Spiritual Healing Art Poems and Meditations
Marie Rose Spiritual Healing Art Poems and Meditations
Deep Blue


Go deep in your heart sweet child

Your desire and passion live there

Dive deep into the ocean of God

You are One there

Dive deep into the arms of love

You are home there

As you remember the ancient ones

Calling you home,

You also fill up in the deep blue sea

Of knowing

That you truly never left home,

You just went out to play


Mahalo to the whales for the deep

Blue way they carry the love

Violet Diamonds

And Runaway rosebuds

Surface and dance on

A chest


Light and unfettered.

Crimson petals drop

From the center of this

Galaxy called heart.

Marie Rose Spiritual Healing Art Poems and Meditations


Dream weaving colour

Heart song

Dragon fly blue wings of light

Opening the door

To dreamtime adventures

Body moving,

Singing its own song

Flowers blooming in the winter

Love songs playing in the night

Portends of erotic stimuli

Wisps of hair falling down

Leaving no mark

Leaving nothing at all

Flame of the Soul


Dancing breaks the chains of my inhibitions

It releases the core of who I truly AM.

It is the liberation from fear


I dance in the fire of my soul

Burning desire and despair as fuel

I dance in the fire of my love

For the earth and all who dwell here

I dance in the pain and demise

Of a culture that does not feel

I dance to the brink of the edge

And freefall to a new world

I dance for the children of a new dawn

A birth of a flame of the soul

I dance for the fire

I dance in the fire

I AM the fire dancer


We move through sacred spirals

We dance in the sacred heart of the mother.

We are the spirals of love here to transform

Our world into Joy.

We are the spirals of Love.

Temple of Light


Home of Divine

We are bringers of the light

Bringers of the dawn.

From old to the new,

It shall be done as in the


From the heart of the All.


Silver Stars in her hand,

She flies to the moon and


Each star becomes a shimmer

Of Light, grace intact.

With all the stars shining bright,

The heart becomes the light.

Marie Rose Spiritual Healing Art Poems and Meditations
Marie Rose Spiritual Healing Art Poems and Meditations
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