Joe the Elf  -  A Children's Book


Long, long ago, the beautiful Elfin Kingdom was a truly idyllic place to live, each creature adding to the perfect balance of life.


When Joe the Elf bowed before the king and queen with his request to become a brave knight, he was sent away to complete a quest to find someone in need and serve them well.


‘This alas became Joe's deepest care. What if there was not one in despair? Not one in need of saving or rescuing? Oh my, it wouldn't be fair!'

How do you find ‘one in despair' in such a perfect place?


How could he truly become a knight unless he could save the day?

Love is Light


A book of light filled messages from Orbs and other realms.

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The Light of Isis


Journey with the Goddess! This book is one woman's journey to the inner temples and the outer temples where the Goddess resides.


The message she brings is that through the love, nurturing and acceptance of the Goddess, all who desire can heal and receive of the love of the Divine Mother.


The temple of Isis is a vast place of knowing, allowing and receiving. It is time now when the world is in chaos, that the love of the Goddess can be experienced through the gentle love the Mother who holds us all in her tender embrace.


Blessed Be.

A Tale of Avalon: The Goddess and the Grail


Here is a story of old, of the richness and fullness and innocence of Avalon.


When the earth was a simple place, seasons and traditions honored, there was balance, for a life lived simply was about honoring and following the flow of nature.


For all who desire to return to such simplicity, this book is for you. Inspired by nature and a desire to keep life in balance, A Tale of Avalon explores the mystical side to every place of power, the place where a magician finds his search for truth, deep in the dark forests in a faery ring.


This tale will enchant young and old and lead them perhaps into the memories of a life full of mystery and magic.