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Unveiling the Enchantment: Exploring "A Tale of Avalon: The Goddess and the Grail"

For eons of time we have been here. The goddesses of beauty and mirth, tending to the gardens here on Earth, here in Avalon, preparing the way for the humans and the priestesses, and... priests to find renewal here in the garden...

The white blossoms of the apple trees are not by accident. They are formed by purity and by truth, so that all that inhale their scent shall also be filled with the purity and truth of Avalon.

All is sacred here in the garden. All who come here will discover the sacred breath of life, to be nurtured and filled with the essence of the Goddess of life eternal.  

We invite you into the garden now to fill up your senses with the perfume of love, with the joy of being nurtured by a love that is both soft and simple. It is here in the gardens of Avalon that our story unfolds.


Shortly after the Crusades, with the death and desolation of attack and violence and fear, came an opening in the hearts of some, women mostly, who felt the imbalance in the whole and knew that the way to heal was in the Earth.

They were five when they started. Three women and two men came to the shores of Avalon, at the sacred Waters of the lake, and began to pray to the spirits of the land, to the Lady of the Lake, for guidance as to where to put this place of refuge. 

They offered gifts and prayers to the Great Mother, and waited on the shores for an answer.  

The moon rose and set for a fortnight, and on the eve of the full moon, as the moon rose to fullness, the Lady of the Lake came out of the water, glistening with pearls and moonlight and stepped onto the shore...

... Each new moon thereafter, they all sat at the altar and realized the gifts that they were being bestowed on them were from the Lady, but also the Goddess Gaia herself. For their desire to create sanctuary was strong and was blessed by the Great Mother and was honored by the small group on the shores of Avalon.


Rihanna heard Tales of the birds and sky. She was so in tune that she made friends with a hawk named Lucy, who was her constant companion as she went out to hunt.

When Lucy landed on Rihanna's shoulder, she felt the presence of the Goddess Diana, the goddess of the hunt, showing her how birds see all and dive for their prey without fear.

The fear that was inside of her, that she would be one day captured by soldiers, gradually flew away as she let Lucy guide the way.


As time passed, those who felt the call of Avalon found their way to the holy isle. Soon young women would have visions of being called to the priestesses of the Goddess, and families brought their daughters to serve the holy Mother on the blessed Isle. They knew that by being in service, they would be blessed in return...

A great celebration followed. There was honeyed mead and fruit cakes and fish and foul. All that called Avalon their home received this light in their eyes and drew it down into their hearts...

... the first of May, the Beltane fires roared and a sacred fire was brought forth in all that participated, some to revel in the woods with the nymphs and fairies, others to play in sensual dance... 

It was on such a night that Rihanna received a vision from the fires, one who was coming from afar who carried the robes of Joseph of Arimathea from this line was he, and he came searching for an image of a grail of golden light. 

This Great Grail was said to have been left by the Christ himself in the hills of Ireland, where he journeyed after his resurrection and find his own solace in the arms of the Goddess. 

Then in a moment, in the fires, Rihanna saw this man staring back at her through the flames, he would arrive soon, she felt it in her loins...

More of this tale to tell... coming soon!

But don't wait, purchase "A Tale of Avalon: The Goddess and the Grail" and other books by Marie Rose on Amazon today! Images created on Canva.


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