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"Kailani of the Sea", a Children's Book Sample

A child was born on a moonlit night, not so long ago.

She floated to shore, on the foam of waves,

wrapped in seaweed with a sea star in her hand.


The couple who had recently been joined in love, were walking on

the beach the next morning, when they heard cries near the shore.


They approached this bundle of sea and stars, and immediately,

Tess reached down and picked up the crying babe.

With eyes as blue as cornflowers,

the child looked up at Tess and smiled.


“There, there,” said Kaleo, his strong Hawaiian hand on Tess's back.

“We should go to the town and see if someone has lost a child.”


They searched far and wide through towns and terrain,

looking to find the child’s parents.

After many weeks of searching and caring for the babe,

they both decided to give up the search

and start making a life for their new little babe.

They came to the sea, both morning and eve.

One evening, while wading in the waves, Tess looked at Kaleo and said,

“We will call her, Kailani of the Sea.”

The child cooed and curled her little hand

around Tess's thumb.


"Kailani of the Sea", Children's Story by Marie Rose.

Look for Short Stories & more coming soon to Amazon & Etsy.

Paintings & Photo by Marie Rose.


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