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Excerpt From a Short Story... "Flor Azul"

"I was carried in by a wind, fed by raindrops in the womb of a sky filled with light blue ladders that weave rainbows through the child who awaits her birth. Flor Azul is on her way in. And she was carried out on a cloud... as my mother’s womb was full of scar tissue and angst and had no room for the likes of me.

So I was carried away in a cloud that stormy night of romance and lies...

... a cloud surrounded by rainbows just off the hills behind Mexico City, Vive le Verdad.

It was a rather long gestation of lots of sighs and whispers from the wind.

"Take care Flor, you will live, you will live... right here in these hills which are green and verdant from all the rain you pour out. Just pretend you are light, your form will soon be aware".


Several weeks became months and I still held the song of the other child in my heart, so I would hum it for my new mother so she would know that although everything had changed, there was still order in the child I came to be.

With only one difference.

The child that I was had brown eyes, and I had blue, which is why they all started calling me Flor Azul.

I do believe it was the rainbows that changed me and so I always laughed and sang when the rainbows came".

"Flor Azul", Short Story by Marie Rose. Look for Short Stories and more coming soon to Amazon & Etsy.

Photos & Painting by Marie Rose and Unknown Photographer (child with blue eyes).


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