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Holding Energy

In honor of International Women's Day, I want to share a visualization that I gave to many of my women clients who had experienced sexual abuse, or simply wanted to take back more of their power, more of their own energy.

Stand in nature or in front of your altar. Ground into the feet, all four corners of the feet. Bring your attention to your tailbone and let yourself feel the settling in of yourself into yourself.

Breathe deeply into your belly. Allow the tailbone to unwind and sink into your roots.

Imagine there is a bowl in your pelvic floor, a bowl that represents you and your energy. Look inside and see what your bowl looks like. Is it wood? crystal? cloudy, clear? empty, full?

Is there someone else in your bowl? Does it have chinks or holes in it?

When you get comfortable imagining your bowl of light, you can reconstruct it to your desire. For this is your sacred temple of light and you are the keeper of your bowl.

Should you like to change it, use your spiritual sight and your spiritual hands, to create a splendid, beautiful holder of your energy.

Craft it how you like. Put flowers or fruit or crystal clear water in the bowl. Then you can feel full and centered and soft in your beautiful

sacred center.


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