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Allowing love's light. The galactic family is here, alive and well showing me that in the energy body,

there lies the healing and wisdom of source, right down to your DNA. As cellular shifts occur, I am

both in nature and at the sea, sun bathing, and mostly appreciating this beautiful wild ride.

Here is what they showed me.

Breathe in through the crown of your head, and see a circlet of rainbow light shimmering all

through your field. As this ripples through your being, you may start to immediately adjust your

spine. I found myself reaching my spine tall and my heart expanding outward. As the colors

of the rainbow settled, I began to be aware of my dolphin family, right there in my aura, aqua, blue,

violet, lemurian light and such grace and ease! This is the time to align to your High Self, and let

your light in, and then you can shine it out into the world, pure and free and basically a clear

channel for the light. Aloha nui, love in my heart.

"These moments child are to bring you into the new now. Don't fear being in silence, that is where

it all begins. In the drop lives an entire ocean. In the breath, you are free." -Isis

painting by Marie Rose


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