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Cristalline Grids opening

The Cristalline grids are active and open in the frequency of Gaia,

There is also a lot of fear in the collective coming up to be cleared.

I received this transmission from Isis last summer during the last eclipse season, but I was moving and it felt like I just had to stay current in the moment.

"As you continue to navigate the new frequencies dear ones, It is important to set aside time for joy and appreciation for All that you Are. Dimensions of your own creation are opening to new possibilities.of creation in both technology and art.

It is quite simply, the soul of Art. As you feel more and more into the desires of your heart, the wave of cosmic love entering our planet now, can facilitate new beginnings or new solutions that you never dreamed were there before. These realms are of your own creation and they are best accessed by allowing joy and appreciation to guide your way.

The energies are indeed cristalline, and for those of you that "see" energy, you may see it as a crown of light around Gaia with points reflecting out into the cosmos. These points are you, dear Ones, shining your light for all to see. So keep shining, keep smiling and remember that you came here to play! Blessed Be"


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