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Allowing the Embrace

the Winged One

Let the Mother hold you, enfold you in her

irredescent wings of sapphire and light.

Isis Queen of the Universe unveils herself before me.

She is bright and blue

in her Sirian glory.

She whispers,

Dear One

Let Go of all that is behind you.

Become as light as a feather, owing nothing, belonging to everything.

This is your essential truth, this is home.

I am Isis, the eternal one.

As you allow this unravelling of that which is the old energy, you are

indeed embodying your purest DNA, your pure light, your pure self.

And you are discovering Unity through compassion, as well as dismantling old beliefs. You are finding serenity in the simple act of now. Breathing, being in the body, nurturing the form. It is an unveiling

of your true nature, the willingness to be in bliss in the midst of chaos.

Dropping in to a place of being, like a river, like the birdsong, like a flower of existential awareness.

Now is forever and immortal cells of light, bloom into brilliant blue stars

of delight.

Blessed Be

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