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Dragon Goddess

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We come to know our own power by

action or surrender.

The great Goddess Isis told

me that there is great strength in surrender, and great power in simplicity. For these times we are in, I am burning away that which

is unreal, to unfold the glorious creation that I AM.

I am finding so many symbols and stories to remind me of that truth.

Here is one that ignites my fire.

For the Great Goddess Pythia, daughter of Gaia, may you live and breathe through me.

The Delphic Oracle, who was the High priestess of he ancient world, has been silent for fifteen hundred years now. Nobody in the ancient world wrote a history of this priesthood, although the philosopher Pythagorus was witness to the oracle. Many knew some of her personal names. Her title was Pythia, Dragon Priestess of the Earth.

Many writers recorded some of her oracles, which were her words. All know her first motto, "Know Thyself".


by Norma Lorre Goodrich

from the book

Return of the Great Goddess

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