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Allowing Love to Transform

As you allow the love of the universe to find you and allow yourself to be open to the gifts and the miracles that are arriving now for you, that are here in this moment for you on planet Earth. The cosmic call for love from all of your hearts has opened a portal of love available to all who desire this realization. You are love! You are divine! You are the creators of this magic: as you ask, so shall you receive.

Breathe dear ones- Your desires are what births the universe into

being, as you breath and allow, all of your dreams can show up.

No more wondering if it is possible, yes indeed you are all becoming

quite good at manifesting your desires.

Imagine a pure white lotus blossom blooming in your crown chakra.

It opens you to a pure and clear awareness of being whole and being one with the pure light of love in the heart of the universe.

Blessed Be

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