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Golden Age of LIght

As the golden light pours through the ethers into my field, I am cradled by a pure and loving presence, a soft allowing of all of

love's light to hold and embrace me at the cellular level. It is sublime.

I was guided to this little message from the golden dolphin energy,


"Gold is a frequency that will be important to the pods going forward,

as it has upshifted and no longer carries the lower vibration of duality.

It will be imaged in the likeness of love, and will carry with it both the sounds and the light that we are.

Know that as these new light frequencies of gold enter into your field, the more the golden dolphin energies

move throughout the expanding pods and they bring more awareness of the vibration of codes of light, that will up lift and expand your vibration multidimensionally.

Know that as your field expands into the golden light, more and more

of the facade that has already been crumbling in your world, will simply fall away, and the truth and beauty and pure loving essence that you are,

that we are,

that all is,

Will vibrate into pure unity consciousness.

One Love

One Heart"

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