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I AM the manifestation of pure Christ Consciousness and Love One Love

I have been shifting exponentially in the last month as I have been

shedding layer after layer of prior conditioning and programs of fear

and insecurity, by exploring my feelings, my roots, my beliefs and

programs, using SRT, as it is a marvelous tool for soul discovery.

My clients all seem to have a theme these days of, what is my life's purpose?

I too have been questioning, how can what I do affect the whole? I trust in the unity unfolding, and yet there is none but fear and

separation energy in the 3D world.

So this morning in meditation, I was so delighted to find a very

unique persona, the Christed Magdalene, as it is her feast day


Glad to receive her joy, which is in truth all that she shared with

me is how much in love she is with life and beauty and nature and

the God within and the God without. So as she expressed, the more

you love life, enjoy your life, be in the beauty of life, the more you

are expressing your true heart's desire. It is an amazing feeling in my heart, as when I am enjoying life, I am not even aware of the "doom

and gloom" perspective in the world. So that is what the Christ meant

when he said, "Be in the world, yet not of the world."

It is an immersion into the light of my soul which is the light of the

Christ and now the Magdalene steps in to claim her rightful place

at His side, as pure embodiment of the enjoyment of the life that is

right in front of my eyes. I can choose to experience the journey as

pure adventure and

knowing that my

true nature is love

and allowing all the love

of life to expand through

the doors of conscious experience

Oh my what a time to be alive! My desire is to step into the golden

chalice in the womb of the goddess

filled with lily and lilac waters,

the waters of immortality and faith


And therein feast on the beauty of the pure love of God, holding space for all to be one.

Blessed Be

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