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Lady Isis

I feel Isis coming in strongly today with all the energy shifts.

I asked her, What on earth is happening in these days of shift?

"The frequency of 5D is being enhanced by 7th and 9th dimensional

energies coming online. You are being shown an upgrade of life

enhancing tools.

Vibrant colors, heavenly scents, visions of chakras opening, yes

even blooming for some.

This energy upgrade is to allow ones to feel their multi-dimensionality

and get comfortable expanding through the cellular gateways; as if

the cell is a hologram of the universe, for indeed it is.

Thus your 3D world may feel jagged and empty.

Notice your feet, your toes, and where you want to be.

Ocean? Desert? Forest? River?

Be in that place energetically. Envision, Smell and taste the place.

Notice if you might just teleport there.

The more alive you are at the cellular level, the easier it is to transmute

the old matrix.

Be fluid in your thoughts, gentle with your words and soft in your

movements. It is in the micro movements, that the frequencies shift more easily.

This cellular change will take some time and slowing down time is

what it looks like to some. But for those who have been paying

attention, this is what coming home feels like. A gentle loving embrace

of the Divine Mother, for you are welcome in my arms dear ones.

The 21st of June marks a new era where thoughts, emotions and

ideas will manifest very quickly.

Be clear of your own heart's desire and be glad, for these times are

meant for great revelation and great celebration.

Breathe dear ones, into the heart of love that is you, that is All

that is the Grace of the Goddess here for you now.

Expand the lungs with the breath of life, relax into the flower of


that surrounds you as a golden cocoon, spun of liquid light.

Blessed Be."

I am Isis, the Eternal One

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