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The Blue Wave

Hawaiian Wave

Here by the sea, I feel the new frequency of blue light from Sirius, the blue planet. Aware of presence of the gift of life and beauty. Lots of old energies just melting away, like the kidneys are lighting up with blue, and then a wave of release will come. I am so grateful. Today I realized, I have good health, and I have a good sense of humor, I didn't get killed in any terrorist attack, and I have good friends who are so supportive. I am here and now and it feels so good. Unforeseen circumstances may come along, and that is the opportunity to ride this wave, from unknown to known, from frequency shift in the body as ear ringing or dizziness, and back in the body again. It is a wave for sure, and it is being so supported by the love and acceptance from the blue wave of Light.​

~ Mahalo Nui Loa

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