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Soul Essence Portraits

A new offering for you!

 When I assist clients in their healing process, I see their angels and Higher Self

Clearing their energy field with light and love. So beautiful to watch!

As their vibration rises, I see colors and energies assisting them in their healing. 

I started painting these visions, and want to share this service with you now. 

Blessings in the light of Love


$111. Energy Exchange
(Includes clearing & portrait)

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Contact Rose at (808) 989-0773

on the Liquid Light

Breathe in and ground into your feet.
Begin to allow a frequency of Light

from your Soul Star,

that which is connected to the All that Is.

Breathe this into the crown chakra,

looking much like a crown of jewels or pearls,

and the circlet of light that you ARE.

Breathe the light into the brain,

and see the dolphins opening up the fluids
to swim into pineal and corpus collosum,

and to wash away old doubts, fears,

and the illusion of separation.

Breathe now Silver light from the dolphins,

your Sirian brothers and sisters 
through the throat and swirling around the heart in liquid light.

Let this silver energy swirl and settle in the back
of your heart. Feel the support of the Universe.

Let that energy now open and expand into the third chakra,

noticing if it has changed colours or vibration.

Let the energy open to the light

of your own soul star frequency and colour.

You then align your energy vibration with all of your hopes,

dreams and desires.

Let it get really big and experience the expansion

of your joy manifesting in the will chakra.

Allow that expansion to swirl and dance

in the watery second chakra.

Again allowing it to swirl
and to settle the ripples of silver light. 

Bring that energy via symbol or colour or sound into the root.
As the light becomes more and more liquid,

then let it flow into the Mother

sending your expanded Light Body into the heart of the Mother 
engaging her light body as well.

~Blessed Be~

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