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Marie Rose Spiritual Healing with SRT


Spiritual Response Therapy

Do You Feel Stuck?



Do you desire to break free of old habits, fears, blocks and traumas?

Are you ready to experience the Peace, Success
and Happiness YOU deserve?


I'm ready for Abundance, Health, Joy, Love and More!

You can have the life of your dreams!
Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a process of aligning with your Higher Self, and releasing old patterns, paradigms and thought forms that block you either consciously or subconsciously from creating the life you want.
I have been working with hundreds of people and they all agree, they are more attuned more balanced and more clear after an SRT session.


Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy is a means of connecting more deeply to your High Self, your angels and your guides.


I create the space of clearing and healing by helping you to release old beliefs, programs, paradigms, including past and parallel lives; anything that blocks your creative joy and abundance, can be cleared as you like.

We are in a great time of awakening and awareness, and even through chaos, the light will shine and get stronger. We can indeed create heaven on earth.

My clients are experiencing

lighter, more spacious, even

Awesome state of being, where

opportunities and abilities

are just showing up.


I would like to say it's magic...

but it's just you,

showing up with Love

and Love showing up for you.

Aloha nui

Marie Rose

dolphins palm tree.jpg
~ From Robert Dexler, the founder of SRT ~
"Spiritual Response Therapy or SRT, is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness, and spiritual growth. The key is the High Self does the work, so you can let go and allow. When High Self clears a program or block, they literally erase the negative energy pattern from your subconscious and soul records. Instead of being driven by subconscious beliefs and desires that you don't understand, you become free to live to your greatest potential ~ to express your greater spiritual self."

~ From the book The Great Human Potential, by Wendy Kennedy ~

"We guarantee you that you are playing this game in multiple areas of your life. Your reaction to the story is an indicator that the programs are there. Now because of the reflection, you have an opportunity to identify the frequency and integrate it. Look carefully at how that belief or thought serves you. When you recognize the pattern, you can then shift it. Maybe at another time in your life, this thought or pattern did serve you and kept you safe, but it may not serve you any longer. If that is the case, are you willing to let it go? An awareness such as this is the difference between being in the driver's seat vibrationally or being on automatic pilot."


Buy 3 SRT Sessions - Get One FREE!

Buy 3 - Half Hour Sessions for $225


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Buy 3 - One Hour Sessions for $450


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Half Hour SRT Session with Marie Rose
Half - Hour Session
$75 USD
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One Hour SRT Session with Marie Rose
One Hour Session
$150 USD
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About Marie Rose

Marie Rose - Spiritual Healer, Artist and Teacher
Artist - Spiritual Healer - Teacher


Marie Rose does spiritual healing, past life and channeled readings as well as energy attunements to the new frequencies of Light coming in to planet Earth.


Inspired by her deep connection to the Hawaiian Islands, Marie Rose captures the essence of life, light and Creator Energies with her photography, art and poetry.


Namasté & Blessed Be.


Offerings by Marie Rose

Marie Rose Spiritual Healing Art and Audio
Marie Rose Creative Musings
Marie Rose Spiritual Healer and Meditation Teacher
I now consciously step into the temple of Love that I AM.



Connecting to Source in Soul Star so bright, dropping that light into crown, soft pearlescent pink,


Then a blue like the Sea, cobalt and deep, in the third eye pulsing the Light in.


A soft sweet blue, lemurian blue like a jewel falls into throat, both front and back, 


Meeting and melding in the heart, a chartreuse green, green like the grassy slopes on Kauai.


The yellow of sun and comet and grace fills the solar plexus uniting heaven and earth.


This rich color expands as coral and pink and gold


in the belly and the light shines from within.


Deep in the root


a deep crimson red of power and love and earth,


takes us deep into the heart of Mother Earth,


where I bathe in her love and bring her my Love in Kind.

I AM Meditation

It is a sweet reminder of the connections of all chakras being filled and expanded with Love Divine


Aloha Nui thank you to all beings of Light for being present with us


as we expand into the Light of Light and the Love of Love.


We are truly one spark of the Divine. ALL ONE ALL ONE



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